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Our achivements


Our achivements - titles:
4x World Winner, 4x Champion International d´Exposition, 14x Champion, 4x Juniorchampion, 2x Veteran Champion, 2x I.BIS -Best Puppy, II. BIS - Best Veteran, I. BOG, II.BOG, IV.BOG,

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Bernese kennel

How our Bernese kennel got together


When our beloved female basset left us at the age twelve we lived trough a sad time. After half year when we went for long walks we called "walking the dog" we bought a three-year-old male Bernese hound: he liked us at first sight and our walks found a purpose. Abax was a happy, enthusiastic dog and we completely fell for his charm. Before one year met the next one the desicion had been made that we would acquire a puppy (or bettr two) besides him.






The first one to arrive to the world was California; from the moment she joined us she tried hard to make a friend of Abax, however, he responded reservedly to her warm efforts - he observed her from a position that was beyond her reach. When she first climbed up the sofa it was some celebration!

Shortly after, Hispania was born. When we arrived to pick her up I  carefully carried her, sleeping, to our car and sat down at a back seat with her (until then it belonged to Abax and Cali). Abax decided to travel on the floor and Cali on the rear window where she played the rocking-head dog. Abax soon regretted his location-Hispania threw up on him.

As soon as we crossed the threshold of our apartment I welcomed Hispania to her home. Abax and Cali gave me disgusted look and side by side; Cali wiggled her bottom meaningfully on her way out and gave me a look of THAT WAS A GREAT ACHIEVEMENT MATE. Hispania insisted on smelling everything properly herself and monitored the entire household. The first evening was long, the kennel was adapting to living together. And then suddenly there was peace that hit the ears: Abax slept, curled in Hispania´s cage, Cali was sitting in Abax´s armchair and Hispania was asleep in Cali´s kennel, placed as a hall in front of the cage.

After the agreement on close co-operation between the Bohemia Hill and Syrinx Bohemia kennels the Bernese kennel was complemented by bandiére, a wonderful sire that is a great hope for the breeding; he, also, has a great record in exhibitions and a giant success of his passing of the work test when he was the first witha full score!


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